About Us

Refusal to take the easy way out

MJ Media Word ArtHi! We are MJ Media, a digital marketing agency. To sum up our company — we make cool stuff and put it on the internet. While most people that work in our field like to slap together something haphazardly, we take pride in knowing that every decision we make has been carefully considered.

We are a cartel of highly skilled individuals, slamming out incredible work for our clients. We have a very small team, but the members of our team have the most impressively creative minds in the business. We’ve done some very creative things in the web design, web development, e-commerce, social media, search, and programming fields.

We started as a couple of guys that won a national competition in web design, and over time we have grown into an ambitious digital marketing agency. At MJ Media, we strive to make our clients happy, we strive to push the boundaries, and we strive to be The Web Team You Keep.

Do we sound like a good fit for your next digital marketing team? Call us at (989) 545‑1165 or send us a message.

Company Culture

We’ll meet you at the Starbucks.

One of our first things you’ll notice about our company is our commitment to work. Most of us have grown up in blue-collar communities where have been forced to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to provide for their families. Our company was founded while one of the owners was shoveling hot asphalt and working 90 hour weeks in the asphalt industry. We aren’t afraid of hard work.

While we have a strong worth ethic, we also know that creativity is an untamed beast. It needs room to grow and can’t be predicted. That’s why we have done away with stuffy offices and cubicles. Our team is free to work from their home offices, coffee shops, or coworking centers — some of them even set up their own specialty studios and work from there. You might find that you are receiving emails from our team at 1:00 in the morning. Never fear — we don’t expect you to respond until you slide into the office, just know that we are working on your project at a time when we are at our peak performance, no matter when that may be.

Community Projects

MJ Media finds it’s home base in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. We love this area because of the wonderful community feel, the great recreational activities, and the proximity to all of the wonder that is the Michigan outdoors. We want to help this community advance, so we take it upon ourselves to help out when we find a project that allows us to give back to the community.

One such project is the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival. We love that this festival brings out such vibrance and creativity, that we have donated quite a bit of our time and money to help grow this amazing project.